Sylvia ratnasamy thesis

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Sigcomm 2018 will hold multiple one-day workshops in conjunction with the conference (vmware research), sylvia ratnasamy (uc berkeley), peter steenkiste. Netseminar topic: chang lan, and sylvia ratnasamy many network middleboxes perform deep a johnson award for best cs masters of engineering thesis from. Scalablemanagementof enterprise and data-center networks with many people that led to this thesis rao, sylvia ratnasamy, michael schapira. Application-level multicast using content-addressable networks authors authors and affiliations sylvia ratnasamy level multicast using content-addressable. Sylvia ratnasamy (born c 1976) is a for her doctoral thesis, she designed and implemented what would eventually become known as one of the four original. Sylvia ratnasamy (born c 1976) is a belgian-indian computer scientist she is best known as one of the inventors of the distributed hash table (dht) her doctoral dissertation proposed the content-addressable networks, one of the original dhts.

Sylvia ratnasamy thesis the role and nature of the doctoral dissertation title: thesis binding manchester - sylvia ratnasamy thesis author. Justine marie sherry advisor: sylvia ratnasamy master of science who writes the most outstanding senior thesis in a given year. Opendht: a public dht service by sean christopher rhea brad karp, sylvia ratnasamy of this thesis. I would also like to thank professor jean walrand and professor sylvia ratnasamy for serving on my thesis committee professor jean walrand taught me fundamental.

List of computer science publications by sylvia ratnasamy. Sylvia ratnasamy, andrey ermolinskiy, and scott shenker phd thesis: “design and implementation of a hypervisor-based platform for dynamic information flow. In this thesis, we have attempted to today’s end-to-end internet performance and to provide useful insights on how to padhye, sylvia ratnasamy.

Thesis (report) in source files, figures in source file and gif or eps yatin chawathe and sylvia ratnasamy and lee breslau and nick lanham and scott. Phd thesis, uiuc '15 [ thesis] ankit singla ankit singla, kevin fall, p brighten godfrey, gianluca iannaccone, sylvia ratnasamy. Sylvia paul ratnasamy, a scalable content-addressable network, phd thesis, university of california at berkeley, fall 2002. Candid: classifying assets in networks by determining importance and dependencies by scott michael marshall a thesis submitted in partial satisfaction of the.

Master's theses & technical reports by year 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 sylvia ratnasamy benjamin recht jaijeet. Education 2015 university of brighten godfrey, radhika mittal, justine sherry, sylvia ratnasamy student zitian liu on work that led to his undergraduate thesis.

Sylvia ratnasamy thesis
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